• St. Bartholomew's Church - Konigsee, Germany St. Bartholomew's Church - Konigsee, Germany
  • Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park - Montezuma County, Colorado
  • Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Cologne, Germany Cathedral Church of St. Peter - Cologne, Germany
  • Hospital of the Holy Spirit_Nuremburg_Germany Hospital of the Holy Spirit - Nuremburg, Germany
  • Holy Spirit Church_Wolfsburg_Germany Holy Spirit Church - Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Salzburg Cathedral_Salzburg_Austria Cathedral - Salzburg, Austria
  • Monastery_Maulbronn_Germany Monastery - Maulbronn, Germany
  • Door_Rothenburg_Germany Door - Rothenburg, Germany
  • Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church_Berlin_Germany Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - Berlin, Germany
  • Sunrise Sunrise - Florida Beach
  • Air_Force_ Chapel United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Station of the cross_Passau_Germany Station of the Cross_Passau, Germany


The photographs above are from various locations visited around the world that provide inspiration and enlightenment for my religious architecture designs.

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