Welcome Spring – Fixing Up with Quality

Design Notes: Welcome Spring – Fixing Up with Quality

Not long ago winter still had us covered in snow.
Blooms are everywhere now as we begin construction season!


“Curb appeal” also applies to both the exterior and interior of school facilities and has a strong impact on new visitors. Repairs and remodeling projects that are expected to last a long time require careful planning and competitive pricing to fit within restrictive budgets.




A picture is worth a thousand words: What is and is not included in cost estimates varies substantially without detailed drawings and specifications. Even with highly detailed drawings and specifications that provide solid cost proposals the costs can range anywhere from 130% to over 200% between high and low bidders . Pricing without drawings and specifications makes it nearly impossible to compare apples to apples and trust the workmanship quality received.


Roof construction is a good example for a typical repair or replacement project that is actually quite complicated. There are many different joints and connections between surfaces in different planes that need to be properly detailed in order to obtain the longest life expectancy. Cutting corners can save money now, but may mean shorter duration till the next time for replacement.

  • There are many different roofing system options and some do a better job of keeping the water out and save money over the lifespan. Ascertaining what needs to be done and getting competitive pricing is very important to achieve a successful resolution!
  • Faith Environ Studio can provide detailed drawings, specifications, and high quality construction administration services to assure workmanship and materials for roof replacement provide the best long term value and achieve true competitive pricing for only a small percentage of the project cost.

Edgebrook Church Exterior


Faith Environ Studio Architects in La Grange, IL provides personal attention to every detail for projects throughout the Midwest.

We can show you how to fix recurring maintenance problems and help your current buildings function better…and we are VERY adept at working with restricted budgets.


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