Edgebrook Church Fire

View of fire damage from balcony
Edgebrook Church Fire
Combination of water and smoke caused the most damage
Edgebrook Church Fire
Stained glass required extensive restoration
Edgebrook Church Fire
Wood was badly charred and interior stone surfaces were heavily smoke stained
Edgebrook Church Master Plan
First Floor Master Plan
Edgebrook Church Master Plan
Second Floor Master Plan
Edgebrook Church Master Plan
Basement Floor Master Plan
Edgebrook Church Exterior
View of the restored exterior
Edgebrook Church Exterior
The roof on the left was redesigned to make room for the new elevator
Edgebrook Church Exterior
This new entrance leads to an accessible elevator
A new terrazzo floor was designed and installed to enhance pipe organ acoustics
A storage space behind the double doors was designed to house the organ console when not in use
New organ pipes were installed on each side of the restored wood carving and stained glass
View from the choir platform
The new pulpit, altar, and Chancel floor panels are all removeable for flexible use of the Sanctuary
A new altar was created
New stained glass interior window at the back of the church
A new stair was installed to the second floor
Second floor Library/Bridal Room
Second floor Nursery
This new archway leads to the Narthex gathering space
New glass doors show the beauty of the Sanctuary
Walls were removed at the Narthex to create a gathering space
Lower level fellowship hall was renovated
Kitchen was enlarged and brought up to code requirements
Edgebrook Lutheran Church

Chicago, Illinois

A devastating arson fire severely damaged this historic Chicago neighborhood Church. A master plan was prepared to reconstruct the Church and incorporate contemporary features to the facility. Due to the extensive damage from fire, smoke, and water, the heavy timber framing was replaced. Load bearing masonry walls, stained glass, and some liturgical artifacts were restored to their original condition. The greatest amount of fire damage occurred at the original Narthex, which was destroyed. Rebuilding provided an opportunity to relocate the elevator to a previous stair shaft, making it much better suited for accessibility. 

Reconfiguration of the Narthex allowed the size to increase and provide a coffee bar station. The Chancel was also re-designed with a completely removable platform that allows for flexibility with music performances. The pipe organ was restored and expanded with additional ranks visible from the nave seating. Stenciling on was recreated on the new wood structure. New pews and chair seating in the nave was designed to incorporate a flexible layout serving both traditional and contemporary services. A new terrazzo floor design enhances the visual and acoustic performance of the space.

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