New Church Entrance & Narthex Roof
New View from Road
Existing Church Entrance
Existing Sanctuary
Existing Narthex
Existing View from Road
Existing Church Floor Plan
New Church Floor Plan
New Narthex
Sanctuary Entrance
Renovated Sanctuary
Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Wheaton, Illinois

After multiple additions the entry path from parking lot to sanctuary became a winding path with pedestrian traffic jams at the entry doors. The original narthex is used for overflow seating and the current narthex is a low, cramped space. Many of the existing roofs were in need of replacement. To resolve all of the concerns, Faith Environ Studio developed a master plan which includes a rotated sanctuary layout to streamline the entry flow and gain more seating. The size and volume of the narthex will increase with a new vaulted wood ceiling, skylight, and furnishings to better facilitate fellowship. A new vestibule will reduce drafts to improve comfort within the narthex and provide better security during the weekdays. The project scope for construction starting in the spring of 2020 will also include replacing the old roofs.

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