Design Notes: Roofing Master Plans

Roof repair and replacement is a typical concern for most church properties. Faith Environ Studio Architects started work on a master plan in 2017 for this small Lutheran congregation in Illinois to replace many pitched and flat roof areas. Construction is now ready to begin in the spring of 2020.

In addition to the roof issues the only set of double doors leading to the worship space was identified as a problem due to restricted flow in and out.

The worship space also needed to upgrade lighting, and modify the sound system…

…and the Narthex felt cramped with the existing low roof…

…plus the main entrance could use an improved appearance to attract newcomers.

Faith Environ Studio prepared a master plan which led to a hugely successful capital campaign!

Beginning in the spring of 2020 the construction project for this modest church will include all of the roofing replacement areas identified in the master plan, sanctuary renovation, new gable roof over an expanded Narthex/Gathering space, and a new entrance vestibule with overhanging canopy.

The sanctuary renovation will include rotating the orientation 45 degrees to achieve a better flow from the Narthex, new lighting, and upgraded sound system. Existing moveable pews will be reused…

…to allow for flexible seating arrangements.

A new large window with a cruciform mullion pattern faces the street side. The new narthex gabled roof blends with existing roof profiles of the sanctuary.
Having a master plan prepared with clear visual documentation and practical design solutions makes it much more likely of successful fundraising for building projects!

Clear and well documented architectural drawings for complex roof replacements will achieve better functioning roofs for a longer period of time at a competitive cost.